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"For an inspirational, feel-good hit, check out Elizabeth Patch’s More to Love.
A wonderful blend of charming illustrations and love yourself affirmations.
Linda Bacon, PhD author of
Health at Every Size, The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

" Bless you for your work, Elizabeth!
I applaud your brand of activism through art...
The work you are doing is very important and will be helpful to the movement.
We cannot just win people over intellectually.
An equally important battle will be for people's hearts, and their aesthetic values.
That is what you address better than any essayist could."

Bill Fabrey, Founder of NAAFA,
and Founding Member of the Council for Size and Weight Discrimination

"I adore More to Love. With touching prose and sweet illustrations,
this lovely, inspiring book demonstrates the power that comes
from feeling comfortable in our own skin.
Elizabeth has captured the essence and joy of living an abundant life!"
Michelle May, M.D., author of
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle

"Elizabeth, thank you for this glorious book.
If I could give women therapy in art form, it would surely be through your drawings,
which give us images of real, magnificent, and gorgeous women owning our bodies,
our power, and our incredible life-force.
I will recommend your book to every woman I know who has ever thought
she was anything less than fabulous."

Esther Kane, MSW, author of
It’s Not About the Food: A Woman’s Guide to Making Peace with Food and Our Bodies

"More to Love, by Elizabeth Patch, is a BEAUTIFUL book.
Each paragraph contains an outstanding life-message.
The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring and should be hanging in museums
as a tribute to well-rounded women everywhere.
I hope we see much, much more from Elizabeth Patch. "
Pat Ballard, author of 10 Steps to Loving Your Body

"Elizabeth Patch's 'More to Love' is a charmingly succinct, illustrated collection of
meditations on self-image. It's the antidote our diet-obsessed culture so desperately needs,
encouraging women to live in the present, embrace health and happiness,
and feel beautiful at every size. It's worth reading regularly.
Keep it where you'll pick it up often."
Kim Brittingham, author of Read My Hips

“My 13-year-old daughter and I read Elizabeth’s book together and it made both of us smile –
in fact, I dare you not to smile while reading this book! From the serious to the slightly silly,
Elizabeth’s observations about women and the way we treat our bodies
will have you re-thinking every criticism you’ve ever applied to yourself.”

Dara Chadwick, author of You'd Be So Pretty If...

Comments from Fans

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Truth be told, I am deeply touched
that my artwork & writing has a positive influence
on those who have taken the time to contact me...

Thank You!

"I just discovered your book on Amazon today and have placed an order. Cannot wait to get it!!!!! I'm a plus size woman who is engaged in a love affair with herself for the first time in her life and the more positive anything plus sized for me the better!!

You whimsical illustrations are simply beautiful--keep producing and I'll keep buying for sure!! Many many many blessings to you and yours!!"

, from comments form

"I've read a lot of books on the topic of body image and self esteem for plus-size women. Some are angry, some are funny, some study the topic in detail with lots of statistics and footnotes, some give techniques for visualizing a new body, other give techniques for dissolving the very real pain that comes with being fat in a thin-centric society, and many are stories about "How I learned to love myself even though I had a miserably unhappy childhood as a fat girl".

This book,however, is quite different in 2 ways. First, the writing is short, sweet and to the point.
And second, the illustrations are just adorable!
A great gift book for any woman on your list who could use a smile."

J. Baker "cute & curvy", review

"Elizabeth, during the reading of this interview, I found myself talking aloud, cheering, and feeling sadness. Soooo many women will be able to relate to your newest book, views, and insights. YES! In America, we are defined greatly by our body, face, youth, and flawlessness. I hate it, and I know MANY of my girl- friends, including myself…. who have NEVER been satisfied with themselves (even at a size 6) You see, it is never good enough. When will we realize that our imperfections are beautiful, interesting, wonderful?"

kim sisto robinson, response to interview

"I bought and read your book after watching the video and Thanks! I'm not the target audience, being a guy and all. But you know, before I had to take meds that caused me to gain weight I was very fit. I'd scoff at a guy with a roll. I got more attention from the ladies. The shoe is on the other foot (or the fat pants are on the other guy) and I see how the world treats you differently. Its not ok to be larger than the TV ideal (tho most Americans are). So, altho your gloriously detailed illustrations are of voluptuous women, they even helped this "chubby hubby!"

cedareden, response to book trailer video

"Your story is so touching. I am a fat woman, always have been, and it's incredibly reassuring that a woman who is slender sketches these larger women in such a loving way.
This has truly touched my soul, and it's interesting how I view the images differently knowing your story and how these characters appeared to you.
I have long assumed that even if I can see myself as beautiful, I would have a small group of people seeing me in the same light, and I'm coming to see that I have been mistaken."

, from comment form

"Love the illustrations. They are so fun and whimsical and work perfect with your writing. This is a great approach in positivity. I think this is wonderful for many women because it builds and empowers from the inside – out. Once one has self-esteem INSIDE, then the rest will fall into place along with more empowered choices throughout ones life including maintaining a healthy weight. Bravo!"

Pamela, response to interview

"I just discovered your blog and your artwork, and I just wanted to say BRAVO! I've been a chubby chick all my life, and I battled low self esteem because of my weight until my beautiful daughter struggled through her own battle, with anorexia... I hope that as more and more of us speak up the way you are, fewer and fewer young girls (and boys) will have to battle with eating disorders. Again, thank you!"

PrincessGirlyGirl, comment on my blog

"This book is such a self-esteem booster! It really has good, common-sense approaches to the bad thoughts almost ALL western women have about their bodies, along with great illustrations of average size women in positive settings (so rare to see in today's age of size 2 models & actresses!) Any time I start to beat up on myself for not being "perfect", I just pull out this book for a smile and a breath of fresh air."

A. K. Boyer, review

"More to Love is my new favorite happy book when I am feeling down. It is simply wonderful (simple and wonderful) and just love the artwork.
thanks for featuring her! "

suzydimples, response to interview

"I just want to say that I was badly in need of a self-esteem boost today, and discovering your art and book has put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye! Keep it coming!"

, from comments form

"I love the point you make that the negative self-talk doesn't accomplish anything- and that's a beautiful illustration."

Sagan, comment on my blog

'I absolutely love your art work.
It makes me so happy and proud. Also, the encouragement and acceptance that you give on your website are just phenomenal. Yours is the best website I have ever seen. You also seem to stay true to your position on size acceptance.
Many other authors and websites profess to be all about true diversity and size acceptance but they offer advice on how to not "look fat" and still subversively adhere to the "fat is not good" belief system. I fully agree with you and I love your position.
And, I love, love, love your artwork!
It's fun and it's cheerful, and it so beautifully colorful.
You are phenomenal. Thank you for following your dreams, using your God given talent, and brightening my life.

Ruth, from comments form

I always love your posts. And I reread your book at least once a week! You inspire and I admire!

Eva, comment on my blog

""More to Love" is a fantastic tool for parents and teachers and to share far and wide to help improve girls and women self esteem and overall perception of body image. In the 21st century it is more important than ever for girls and women to be empowered in regards to body image and what is healthy and to understand what is most important is to be healthy no matter what size or shape one's body is. Wonderful and kudos to Elizabeth for this book that is making a big difference internationally!"

A. Moore, review


"i recommend @elizabethpatch because her blog and tweets are inspirational!"

JulesyParker, from Twitter

"you're bringing joy into the world -- even if the only thing someone sees is just one of your pictures. i haven't seen anyone yet look at them and not smile."

Lea, from comments form

"Very inspirational and something I need to be reminded of often!!"

Surferwifef23, comment on my blog

"Elizabeth you are a Godsend. Take your time and do that wonderful, magical work you do. I love all you do."

force4love, fromTwitter

"Your artwork is simply wonderful! I often look at pictures of beautiful women and I feel I take up too much space. ...After scrolling through all of your pictures I noticed something very interesting. I felt kind of sexy - like my curves made me more womanly. That there is nothing I have to make up for, but instead that there is something womanly about me. Thank you for that! Please keep drawing. I love your art!"

"C", from comments form

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